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Alături de
fiecare fermier

SysAgria vă permite să planificați, să

monitorizați și să analizați cu ușurință toate activitățile fermei.

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Sistemul nostru de licențiere

Procurarea unei licențe este condiționată de achiziționarea unei stații SysAgria.

Date în timp real și prognoză meteo a microclimatului

Măsoară parametrii cheie în timp real pentru a planifica semnarea, aplicarea îngrasamintelor, pesticidelor și recoltarea.

Avertizare risc boală și dăunători

Avertizare asupra riscului acțiunii patogenilor și dăunătorilor în funcție de parametrii bioclimatici specifici, de fenofaza culturii și favorabilitatea solului.

Estimare producție
și NPK

Pe baza parametrilor înregistrați sistemul poate estima recolta obținută și necesarul NPK pentru diferite tipuri de culturi.

Alege o licență

Alege o configurație

Pentru orice alt tip de configurație vă rugăm să ne contactați.

  • What is the minimum area that a SysAgria covers?
    For a single crop, it is recommended that a SysAgria be located at a minimum of 350 ha large crop, 10 ha fruit growing/viticulture (or depending on the relief), 5 ha vegetable growing. For soil moisture/temperature and NPK measurement, it is recommended to install wireless sensors with the highest possible density for maximum accuracy.
  • In which crops can SysAgria be placed?
    SysAgria can be installed in any type of culture and regardless of the relief of the land.
  • Can Sysagria be installed by the owner? Does it come with an installation kit?
    Currently only in the version for Greenhouses and Solariums; the field version is installed by the Syswin team with the help of the farmer to install the pole and anchor system.
  • How can I view the data directly in the platform?
    The data is visualized in the platform immediately after the hardware equipment is put into operation.
  • Can I change Sysagria from one culture to another? What happens to the data?
    Yes. The data is kept in the user's account for the entire duration of the license.
  • How long after installing a Sysagria station can I have disease data?
    Warning about the risk of disease begins as soon as the measurement of the necessary parameters begins.
  • Can I access data from other stations?
    Yes, if the owners' agreement is contractually obtained.
  • How many SysAgria form a parameter interpolation network?
    A minimum of 3 SysAgria is required to be able to interpolate the data and generate interpolated maps for the parameters relevant and useful to the farmer. The interpolation accuracy increases with the number of systems in the network. The density of measuring points can be increased with the help of wireless multilevel temperature/humidity and NPK sensors.
  • What is the Spatial Interpolation of weather data provided by SysAgria stations?
    The purpose of spatial interpolation is to extend known measurements to unmeasured areas using inverse distance weighting (IDW), where the value of the parameter measured by each neighboring station relative to the central location X0 is determined by the distance between the neighboring station and X0.
  • Once the technical solution is purchased, do I have access to future software updates?
    Yes, updates are accessible depending on the user's active license.
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